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Is Market Toppy? Appalossa's David Tepper says "I don't like stocks now".

In the most recent CNBC interview on October 22nd 2021, David Tepper said "I don't think there's any really great asset classes now". The latest 13F filling form shows Appalossa cutting their stock exposures across the board. #Micron (MU). #Amazon (AMZN), #Facebook (FB). #Alphabet (GOOG), and #T-Mobile (TMUS), Appalossa's largest positions were cut by at least 20% each during the last reporting quarter.

Here are the largest positions held by Appalossa Management LP and reported on their 13F form last August.

This clearly shows that David Tepper is "putting one's money where one's mouth is" and maybe is waiting for the stock market correction.

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