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Trupanion Reveals Top 10 Dog Names and Breeds in Celebration of National #Dog Day ‘Bella’ leaps two spots to claim most popular dog name in 2021. Labrador Retrievers wins the hearts of many as it tops the list as the most popular, behind the mixed breed.

One of the stocks in the current #EDGR Index line-up is #Trupanion (TRUP), a provider of pet health insurance. The stock is currently trading around $87. A year ago it was trading around $60.

In August 2021 13F fillings, TRUP has appeared as one of the top positions for Nine Ten Capital Management, LLC which was founded in 2009 ( EDGR ranks Nine Ten Capital as 90. Other top positions for Nine Ten include:

- Heska Corp (HSKA)

- WideOpenWest Inc (WOW)

- Agilysis Inc (AGYS)

- Par Technology Corp (PAR)

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